Cartoon Corner Productions.Com (2010-2016)

Thank you all for the amazing 6 years as Cartoon Corner Productions. I really feel I built and maintained something I could br proud of and I hope you all enjoyed it too but now it’s time to move forward. This year will be the Year of ToonGrin.

WS SMBZ Title Card

Whyboy Spotlights… Super Mario Bros. Z

It’s the ultimate clash of Mario, Sonic and DBZ as whyboy spotlights Super Mario Bros. Z. ENJOY


Madhog and WhyBoy Play “Puzzle Agent”, Part 10 (FINALE): “Nelson Untethered”

It all ends… in SCREAMS!


Madhog and WhyBoy Play “Puzzle Agent”, Part 9: “For A Few Puzzles More”

The game is dramatically improved by the addition of a chainsaw-wielding waitress and unexpected Sergio Leone references. Unfortunately, it still requires to be played.


Madhog and WhyBoy Play “Puzzle Agent”, Part 8: “Heedless in Space”

There’s a gnome-worshiping cult in this town. That’s suspicious!